Services we offer at Health First Hospice

Serving as a caregiver for a loved one dealing with aterminal illness, places a person in a state of chronic stress. Studies have shown that this can lead to a higher rate of depression and illness while impacting a person’s ability to function at work or spend time with friends. In many cases, the burden of acting as a caregiver can be overwhelming, leading to the person not receiving the level of care they deserve.

Hospice care is often the best choice for patients dealing with a terminal illness. Not only does it relieve the stress for loved ones who were previously in charge of their care, but it also can mean access to a higher level of care and service. At Health First Hospice, our skilled nursing team does everything possible to ensure the comfort and happiness of our patients through the care and services we provide. This means that family members can concentrate on spending time with their loved ones and sharing the joy in the time they have left.

Homemakers/caregivers can feel comfortable with their choice when they select Health First Hospice as the hospice option for their loved ones. We have a track record of providing compassionate care for people dealing with a wide range of illnesses. We take a holistic approach to hospice care and try to find the services that best fit the needs of the patient.

A few of the services we provide for patients and their families include:

Social Services

Families with a patient staying at Health First Hospice have access to more than just caring and trained nurses; they also can access a wide range of social services provided by our staff to give them support. Our social workers are here to act as advocates to provide you with any level of help needed during a loved one’s care. This can mean anything from helping patients detail advance medical directives to assisting with funeral arrangements or directing families to community services.

Grief Support

The process of letting go is difficult for friends and family members left behind after a person passes away. It’s important that people are able to deal with these feelings in a healthy manner in order to move on with their lives and begin to appreciate the time they had with their loved one. Health First Hospice’s commitment to our families doesn’t end after a person passes on – we provide grief support services to help family members cope with their loss.

Spiritual Services

For many people, spiritual guidance can help deal with the fear of the unknown that comes with death. Health First Hospice understands that the needs of patients and their families extend beyond physical care or emotional support. Our spiritual services are designed to enrich the soul and prepare patients for the next step in their journey, while giving comfort to family members dealing with an imminent loss. We provide spiritual services for people of many different religions or beliefs.


While trained hospice aides provide around-the-clock care for our patients, we also have opportunities for people to volunteer and provide aid to our community. Volunteers help us in a number of ways, such as doing routine errands for family members. However, one of the most important tasks that volunteers perform is simply being present and being able to interact with patients. In many cases, a warm smile and a friendly voice is one of the best forms of comfort.

Physician Services

Even when a person is in hospice care, it’s important that they have regular contact with a physician who can evaluate their condition and help treat situations that may arise. Health First Hospice’s physician services provide a vital link between patients and critical medical care. We help people get treatment for emergency conditions or receive regular check-ups from a primary care physician.